The Official End of Summer Trip

The Official End of Summer Trip (Los Angeles, CA)

Downtown Los Angeles/Arts District

View from my bed at the Podshare in DTLA

My trip started in Downtown Los Angeles where I was on a mission to find housing for an upcoming move. Big ups to Podshare for providing me with my first hostel co-living experience.

I actually kinda enjoyed the idea of sharing sleeping accommodations although I think I would’ve liked to have more options for bathroom & showering spaces. Other than that, I was grateful to have a solid temporary home base for a few nights right in the heart of the Arts District in Downtown Los Angeles.

My sleeping area, not too shabby.
Touche sir, touche! 😂
Angel City Brewery review:
Decent beers and a great atmosphere but California does not do craft brews as Michigan does!
If you ever find yourself in Angel City Brewing, be on the lookout for this DayNites sticker!
Jeff you are not fooling me with your LA street art inspired name tag 🙂
Lol, it was not that type of trip for ole Timbo 🙂

Los Leones Trail/ Pacific Coast

View of the Pacific Ocean from the Los Leones Trail in the Santa Monica Mountains
A baller-ass house with the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier in the background.

Los Leones Canyon Trailhead

Santa Monica Pier/Pacific Park

Did you know that the Santa Monica Pier is considered the official endpoint of Route 66?

Technically speaking, the real end of Route 66 was once considered to be at the intersection of Lincoln and Olympic Ave in Santa Monica (right where Route 66 meets the Pacific Coast Highway). However, in 2009 on the 83rd anniversary of America’s numbered highway system, Santa Monica unveiled its End of the Trail sign on the Santa Monica Pier, marking what is known as the “spiritual end of Route 66.”

Santa Monica Pier Entrance

Long Beach, CA

I got to check out some comedy at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach, CA. Great times, I was the butt of a black guy joke 🙂
What’s a visit to Long Beach without getting tacos at least once, or six times? 😂

The Carson, California Earthquake

Being from the midwest, I am quite familiar with grey skies, heavy rain & winter blizzards but if I’m ever going to consider being a resident of California, I will have to get used to the idea of living with earthquakes.

I don’t know how I will handle my first shakes but this quake hit fairly close to where I was staying in Long Beach (I didn’t feel the actual quake myself but it was quickly reported on the Citizen app).

A moment of silence 🙏

UPDATE: Apparently since the time of this particular earthquake (Less than 12 days ago), the Carson, CA area has had another earthquake… this time it had a magnitude of 3.7! Needless to say, I will look to live a bit farther out from Carson lol.

A Successful Trip Indeed

All things considered, this trip was definitely successful! I was able to view a lot of great apartments in Downtown LA, Koreatown, and Van Nuys.

See you again soon, Los Angeles!

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