TIMBLACKMAN remains deeply integrated in the creative worlds of these two historically rust-belt towns while the breadth of his work goes beyond regional boundaries. TIMBLACKMAN boldy approaches versatile mediums as a multi-hyphenate artist.

Two-time 2021 Detroit Music Awards (DMA) Nominee as an Outstanding Rap Producer and a three-time 2020 DMA Nominee as an Outstanding Urban Musician, Outstanding Rap Composer, & Outstanding Rap Producer  are among the accolades given for this rising star and undeniable musical talent.

TIMBLACKMAN’s elegantly natural video style showcases the essence of his subject’s talents, giving the audience an immediate connection to the story being told. His vibrant “day-in-the-life” documentary and lifestyle shorts authentically reveal the essence of the subject at hand while his observational shooting style lends itself to the documentary short and narrative storytelling genres — seamlessly navigating creative and commercial terrain.