An Ode To The Roland SP-404

An Ode to the Roland SP-404

It has only been about 57 days since the Roland SP-404 first entered my bedroom studio. I was enamored with it after watching Youtube videos of beatmakers and DJ’s effortlessly carving out unique sounds with just the twist of a couple knobs. Hands on music creation, that’s what really appealed to me. And to be honest, I got tired of looking into my computer screen.

The Roland SP-404SX has 29 DSP effects of which you can switch seamlessly through during a live performance. 

I can say confidently that in the short time I’ve owned the Roland SP-404, it has made me much more attentive to how DJ’s use certain effects to bring out certain sounds or changes in the music. A simple reverb effect, for example, can make a track sound huge right before the drop of a song & a well timed delay effect can place emphasis on certain words or phrases. In the past, I would spend hours working to automate those effects in my DAW just to end up scrapping them all because the automation sounded too robotic and inorganic. With the Roland SP-404, I can toggle those effects in realtime, bringing a live DJ mixing element to my production.

The Roland SP-404 is considered legendary in the lofi hip hop beatmaking community. In fact, some of the most prolific producers in hip hop have all used the SP-404’s iconic effects to craft their signature sound including producers like Flying Lotus, Diabia$e, Madlib, and J. Dilla [truth be told, effect #16 needs to be in a Hip Hop museum somewhere]. I found that when effects like Compression or the Vinyl Sim are used effectively, an already decent sounding track can become a certified banger real quick!

While much of today’s music production is all about perfection and cleanliness, the Roland SP-404 in my opinion stands on it’s own as a raw and gritty throwback to the golden age of hip hop, when imperfections made the music feel more authentic.

So here’s to you, Roland SP-404.

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